How to setup OnePbxCloud App

How to setup OnePbxCloud App

1) To install the OnePbxCloud, just visit the Play Store if you are using an Android device, or the Apple Store if you are using an Apple device and click install.

2) Open OnePbxCloud App after it finishes downloading.

3) Allow OnePbxCloud to send notifications.

4) Accept OnePbxCloud's privacy policy and Fill Out the blank spaces with the provided credentials sent by your administrator.

5) You could also sing in scanning the QR Code sent by your administrator via email.

6) Allow all access to OnePbxCloud App.

7) You should see a Green Dot in the middle, this means that the app is online. Open Settings (3 dots).

8) Click Applications Settings.

9) Click Advanced.

10) Enable Background mode.

11) Done. OnePbxCloud App has been configured.

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